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OUR HISTORY and leadership profiles

Established 1978, December

Acknowledging the need for an association to coordinate the activities and represent the interest of veterinary institutions such as veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals and veterinary diagnostic laboratories, a group of veterinarians formed the Philippine Animal Hospital Association. Its members, being institutional in character, were therefore represented by one licensed veterinarian each. Associate membership was also instituted for the other veterinarians attached to these institutions.

A covenant was signed in 1978 December by the following who represented the corresponding veterinary clinics or hospitals: Dr. Enrique T. Carlos, UP-CVM 1965, Dr. Jose Ned R. Cabanlig, AUF-IVM 1969, Dr. Jesus G. Lareza, UP-CVM 1976, Dr. Oscar R. Dizon, UP-CVM 1963, Dr. Mario A. Parreño, UP-CVM 1964, Dr. Jose V. Valenzuela, UP-CVM 1961, Dr. Francisco S. Cortez, UP-CVM 1946, and Dr. Enrique R. Carlos, UP-CVM 1946, They respectively represented the following veterinary institutions: Makati Dog and Cat Hospital, Cabanlig Veterinary Clinic, Veterinary Clinic BF Homes, Dizon Veterinary Clinic, Parreño Veterinary Clinic, St. Bernard Veterinary Clinic, Cortez Animal Hospital, and Carlos Dog and Cat Hospital.

The Covenant of the Founding Members of the Philippine Animal Hospital Association was as follows:
We, the undersigned directors and/or representatives of the respective hospital clinics and diagnostic laboratories and laboratory animal institutions do by these declare that we have formed the Philippine Animal Hospital Association with these following objectives:

1.       To establish rapport among veterinary hospitals, clinics, and animal diagnostic laboratories to effect a conducive atmosphere for competent veterinary care.
2.       To exchange information and ideas on matters of general management and policies, provided such do not constitute professional secrets.
3.       To project professional standards of the highest degree, of competency in the care of animals, provided that such standards be achieved thru encouragement, information, and consensus and never thru imposition, coercion, or intimidation.
4.       To act as spokesman and/or representative for the members entities on legal matters.

Our Mission

To uplift the veterinary profession through continuing education and increase social awareness through community service.

Our Vision

Members are updated on current trends and scientific advances in small animal veterinary practice.

Our Core Values