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Qualifications for Membership

To be qualified as a member of the association, an applicant for membership must be:

1. A bona fide institution which shall be represented in the association by a representative who must be licensed veterinarian. Membership of a bona fide institution is non-transferrable.

  • a. In case of a single proprietorship, the sole proprietor shall automatically represent his establishment provided he is a licensed veterinarian.
  • b. In case of partnerships, certificate of agreement among partners as to who shall represent them will be required.
  • c. In case of a corporation and a veterinary teaching hospital, a resolution appointing an individual as representative will have to be submitted.

2. For each year for the immediately presiding two (2) years, if they cannot attend any of those meetings it will be delisted from the membership list.

3. Should be an ethical practitioner.

4. Basic Clinic Set-up – Enclosed air-conditioned surgery room, well ventilated clinic area, autoclave/sterilizer, microscope

Benefits for being a Member:

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